iPhone 6s And 7 Other Smartphones To Watch In 2015

iPhone 6s And 7 Other Smartphones To Watch In 2015
Before you go shopping for a smartphone upgrade, make sure your newest purchase won't be old news within the next few months. We're over halfway through 2015, and it has been a busy year for the mobile market. Smartphone giants like Samsung and …
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Why Do People Buy Dumb Phones Instead of Smartphones?
As Quartz reports, buyers of non-smartphones can be divided into three categories. First up is the buyer who's new to mobile phones. That includes children in wealthier countries, the 300 million Sub-Saharan Africans expected to buy their first mobile …
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Xiaomi Expands Its Empire To Brazil, Will Sell First Smartphone There July 7
Mobile phones and other gadgets typically retail for significantly more in Brazil than other places — the Wall Street Journal reports an iPhone is almost double the U.S. price — so it will be interesting to see if Xiaomi can maintain its low prices …
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