Economic waves in China ripple in U.S. industries

Economic waves in China ripple in U.S. industries
But the service sector — a broad category that includes things like restaurant meals, haircuts and hotel stays — remains “reasonably robust” and has been a dominant driver of China's growth since the first half of 2012, said economist Nicholas Lardy …
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Electronic wasteland
But even as the developed world breathes a little easier, an electronic waste crisis is looming in developing nations where smartphones, laptops and other digital products are becoming affordable to billions of new customers, yet the means to dismantle …
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iPad Pro: ¿Por qué Apple lanzó un iPad grande?
El iPad Pro es la respuesta de Apple a un tendencia en alza en el mercado de los dispositivos móviles: los híbridos o 2 en 1. Pero este segmento no siempre fue el santo de la devoción de los de Cupertino. Allá por el 2012, cuando Apple todavía …
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