Rage against robocalls

Rage against robocalls
Just to be clear: Robocalls refer to autodialed or prerecorded telemarketing calls to landline home telephones or cell phones, or unsolicited text messages to wireless numbers. Autodialed informational messages, such as those announcing school closings …
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9 things related to money your kids will never experience
Carrying around a dime or a quarter just in case one needed to make a phone call home isn't necessary anymore because everyone has cellphones. Pay phones are … Taking a prepaid calling card when away from home. In times gone past, … No more cushion …
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The Verizon Network Extender: Still crappy after all these years.
If you live somewhere that has poor cell phone service, say in the radio “shadow” of a hill or way out in the sticks, there is a solution: A microcell or what cellular provider Verizon calls a “Wireless Network Extender.” … Network Extender there's a …
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