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Use of cellphone while driving should be illegal
What one won't hear is the number of deaths caused by talking on cellphones or texting while driving. We have Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Where are the mothers against the use of cellphones while driving? Minivans and crossover SUVs are full of kids …
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Modern supermarkets have 'Only in America' feel
Before you tell me to get a life, you should know why I am the person who is leisurely pushing a cart up and down the aisles, taking time to stop and read the labels, and snapping an occasional picture with the cell phone as a reminder of a product …
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Phil Drake assumes role at Tribune Capitol Bureau
Oh, and interviewing U.S. President George H.W. Bush (in 1992 at the El Toro Air Force Base in Southern California) was kind of interesting as well. Why should readers care what's going on with state government … What are your personal opinions about …
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