Watch Phone Unlocked with Camera Cell Phone Mobile Touch Screen Mp3/4 Fm (White) Reviews

Watch Phone Unlocked with Camera Cell Phone Mobile Touch Screen Mp3/4 Fm (White)

  • Unlocked for all countries’ GSM network
  • AT&T, T mobile Sim card is ok, BUT Verion, Sprint Sim card NOT OK
  • MP3 / MP4 player / World time / Calendar / To to list / Alarm clock/ Calculator/ Stopwatch
  • Small and comfortable to take and use
  • Black, White or Pink, 3 colors to choose
  • Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as with GSM SIM cards (e.g. H20, Straight Talk, and select prepaid carriers). Unlocked cell phones will not work with CDMA Carriers like Sprint, Verizon, Boost or Virgin.

1.SIM Card:single card 2.Appearance:High quality plastic shell, with colorful ring. 3.Color:black, white, pink, 3 colors to choose 4.Dimensions:48*48*17mm 5.Memory: TF/microSD Card Supported (expandable to 8GB) (The price is not including card) 6.Video Player: support 3GP, MP4 and AVI format video play; 7.Audio Player: support MP3, WAV, AMR and MIDI format music play and WAV voice recording. 8.Touch Screen:256 color 1.3″ OLED display screen 128x 96 display 10.Bluetooth Function: support V2.0 blu


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  • A. SAUCEDO says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice cool phone watch…but the browser says insufficient memory. The Camera only does 160×120., July 19, 2013
    A. SAUCEDO (DFW, TX) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Do you ever see those cheapy ten to twenty dollar prepaid cell phones? The one’s that have just 6 to 8 icons on it to do basic tasks like phone, text, web, photos, music and alarm clock? Well take the guts out of that phone and put it into a circular plastic enclosure and attach a wristband to it. You now have that same basic cell phone on your wrist. That is what this wetch is.

    I was amazed that I now have a touch-screen phone on my wrist as I love watches. I got happy as MP3’s started playing loudly from the watch and out of the built-in speaker…I got even happier when I took my T-Mobile SIM out of my regular cell phone and stuck it into this watch phone. Made calls with no problem…I thought this would be the best watch phone ever…until I found out that the browser can only load ONE webpage. It loads the mobile version of Google. If I click on any link, it tries to load and says “Insufficient memory”. I tried going to […](a mobile weather site), and it cannot even load that. I researched the device’s hardware. It has 20KB of onboard storage. Note: that’s 20K – not 20 MB or 20 GB…20KB! I had installed an 8 GB microSD in it but that didn’t help. There is no way of configuring the browser to use the 8 GB SD card as cache. The browser is 99% useless (or 1% useful).

    Sadly, the advertised 1.3 MP camera can only take pictures at 160×120 and 120×120 with or without the SD card installed. There is no option to take pictures at 1280×1024 (1.3MP). I checked every option in there and cannot adjust the resolution to anything higher than 160×120. On the other hand, when I select the video recorder option, it actually lets me record at 320×240 at its highest resolution. It does record on to the SD card…why can’t the stupid browser use the SD card instead of its onboard 20 KB?

    I really think I was given a different model watch phone because my broswer don’t work past one webpage and it can only do 160×120 = .019200 MegaPixel pictures. So why didn’t I return it or ask for another one…laziness…plus I do like this phone and it works. I didn’t want to gamble by returning and getting one where the camera and browser works but the phone or something else won’t. Plus, I have an HTC Amaze that already has a browser and 8 MB camera on top of an Olympus E-PM1.

    Cell Service you ask? Here’s the summary…I have tried THREE different SIMS.
    1. T-Mobile SIM taken from my HTC Amaze…works great. Cell phone calls are good. Texting is a bitch because you have to use a zip tie, toothpick or a very thin stylus to type on the Qwerty keyboard on a 1 1/2 inch screen. To get the browser setup, you have to go into the settings and add the service “”. Again, it will load one webpage If you click on any link, it will say “Insufficient Memory”.
    2. I signed up for Consumer Cellular. Their stupid $10 a month plan includes ZERO minutes. Really? Then why pay $10? I had to pay $15 for the 150 minutes plan. A $2.50 add-on gets you 100 texts and little web data. $5 gets you 500 texts and like 100MB of data. Careful, even without your SSN, they pull your entire credit report. It showed up on my credit report and caused my score to go down due to “Too many inquiries”. Anyway, they shipped me a free SIM. I installed it. The calls and texts went through ok. After researching for a couple of days, I found a much cheaper plan…
    3. The new H20 wireless. H2O Wireless (formerly O2 Wireless, not to be confused with O2 of Europe) is a United States-based prepaid GSM phone and Internet service. It is the brand of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Locus Telecommunications via AT&T’s network. Basically, it’s a nickel for text and phone calls. Pay $10, get 200 minutes. Pay $20, get 400 minutes. Or simply pay $100 and get 2000 minutes to use in 12 months (about $8.33 a month). I had to pay $9.99 for the SIM. Bought it at the BestBuy store rather than waiting for it to be shipped. I installed the Dual-size SIM into the phone. Careful, it is a microSIM inside a full size SIM. Try not to break it out of the full size SIM or you will be stuck with a microSIM that won’t fit the watch phone. I added $10 to my account and had 200 minutes to use. Made calls and sent a couple of texts. Works great.

    In conclusion:
    Calls and Texts: Work Great if you don’t mind the extremely small qwerty keyboard on a tiny little screen.
    Camera: Mine won’t go past 160×120 on stills and 320×240 on video.
    FM Tuner: Works great…as long as you have the proprietary USB headphones plugged in. These ARE NOT mini USB earphones. It is a proprietary port.
    MP3 player works great. Surprisingly good sound out of the on-board speaker.
    Touch-screen works fair to good. Even after calibrating, it can be slightly off.
    It has calendar, alarm, Tasks and Ebook reader.
    It’s got “QQ” that is only in Chinese…

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  • Amazon Customer says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    WOW What a GREAT phone thats also a watch or is it a watch that is also a phone!, August 29, 2013
    Amazon Customer (TX, USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I purchased 2 of these watch phones about a month ago, one pink for my wife (her favorite coller), a black one for myself. I was looking for a fairly inexpensive, basic cell phone to use as a backup, due to the fact that our regular cell phones seem to ALWAYS need to be on a charger, and also because my wife has a bad habit of leaving her cell phone on the charger in the car or at home and not having it with her when she needs it, or I am trying to reach her by phone (we both have android smart phones). Based on the product description these phones seemed to fit the bill perfectly, especially since they were wearable so they would be convenient to always have with you, and did not scream cell phone. Being a watch was also a plus as we were relying on our cell phones as a watch previously. The Dick Tracy Gee Whiz factor did not hurt either!

    I have to admit based on the mixed product reviews my expectations were NOT too high and if it were not for the fact that I am a long time Amazon customer and I had the protection of ordering through Amazon in case their was a problem I probably would not have taken a chance and ordered them. My concerns were completely unfounded! These watch phones are AWESOME!!! I am blown away and extremely pleased with them! They look great (a bit on the big side, but I am a big guy so no problem their, my wife is very petite, so she wears hers a bit loose but looks like a bracelet watch. My wife is very picky and skeptical about how things look and gadgets in general, but she loves hers as well!). They were very easy to set up and are easy to use and work GREAT! I could not be more pleased with my purchase! I am so pleased I am ordering another one, this time the stainless steel model as it better suites my style.The call quality is very good (people on the other end of my calls actually tell me I sound better then when I use my smart phone). The MP3 player works great, sounds a bit tiny but more then acceptable, the camera and video are VGA quality, but as long as you mange your expectations and know they are not HD they are perfectly useable when you have not other camera available. TXT works very well also. I have not tried getting on the web with them or using the FM radio, and probably never will. I have also not yet tried the Bluetooth so I cannot comment on that either. The battery life surpasses my expectations, needing recharging only every few days with marginal cell use. If you are looking for a stylish, fun, practical, easy to use basic phone with a little Gee Whiz factor you will love these watch phones! One warning, be prepared if you use it in public to get LOTS of questions about it as EVERYONE loves them and are curious about them and want to know where you got it!

    A few things to be aware of;

    They screen and keypad are very small. The watches come with a small stylus that fits in the band, and you will probably need it for the initial set up as well as for texting. I have big hands, and can still manage to dial and make calls without the stylus, but definitely have to use the stylus to TXT.

    The product description says it will support a 8GB memory card but the box says 4GB. I could not get the 8GB card to work and had to buy 4GB Micro SD cards which work just fine!

    The phones ONLY work on GSM cellular networks. They require a SIMM card for your cellular provider. In the US you can only use cell phone service provided by ATT, or T Mobile or resellers of their service like H2O. If you are not sure ask if your cell provider uses SIMM cards. If they don’t you cant use these phones on their network.

    The phones are very easy to set up as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing. Pop off the back, insert a SIMM card from your chosen cellular provider, insert a 4GB memory card. Put the back/battery back on, turn the watch on/ set the time and date, activate with your cell phone provider and your are done and ready to make and receive calls. That easy. about 10 minutes or less!

    We purchased both our phones through Amazon from PGD Group. I can not speak for other vendors, but their customer service is outstanding! They stand behind their products, and make sure the customer is taken care of and happy! If you buy from them you will not go wrong!


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  • rpowell18 says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is a great watch, March 1, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This is the best watch i have ever owned..I put in an 8 gig card into it and use it as a jump drive and listen to the radio..text and take phone calls ..Where can you do that with any phone .People think it is a watch until it rings and i answer it or get a text message and the look on there face is worth it also


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