WTR’s Key Finder-Wireless key RF item locator, Remote Control, Pet, Cell, (Batteries included) by “Where’s the Remote?”LLC

Where’s the Remote? Key Finder Wireless item keyfinder RF locator, Remote Control, Pet, Cell, Extra set of batteries included

  • Extra set of batteries Included. FREE postage paid label, with delivery confirmation, will be emailed to you if for ANY reason you are not satisfied. FULL refund! No questions, no hassles! Customer service is our business!
  • Includes two receivers, one RF transmitter and key rings with a 60-80 feet unobstructed range.
  • Key Finder has FULL 12 month warranty to be free of all defects!
  • Low consumption and long standby time with stable frequency technique.
  • Radio Frequency keyfinder wirelesses searches and easily penetrates though walls, cushions and doors with a push of a button.

TWO RECEIVERS-ONE TRANSMITTER If you are fed up trying to find lost items, then you need, Where’s the Remote? key and; remote finder. Use the receivers for your remotes, keys, ipad or whatever you consistently lose. If you lose your remote, keys, cell phone, pets or any other item, just push the button on the transmitter and the corresponding colored receiver will begin beeping! Its signal will penetrate through drawers, cushions, pillows, or even walls making it easy to find lost items. I have

List Price: $ 23.95

Price: $ 14.95

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