Teen killed after tracking lost cellphone

Teen killed after tracking lost cellphone
He tracked the cell phone to a parking lotwhere he found 3 men in a car with his cell phone. He argued with them to turn over the cell phone. The men refused and tried to drive away. Jeremy grabbed the door of the car and was dragged several hundred …
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Canadian killed while tracking stolen cellphone
CNN | 18-year-old Jeremy Cook was shot and killed while tracking down his stolen cellphone. Email; Print. More in Multimedia. Filter. All · Infographics · Video · Audio · Cartoons. Display 9, Display 12, Display 24, Display 48, Display 96. Display 24.
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Police Use Stingray Tool To Intercept Cell Phone Signals
Manoush Zomorodi has been looking into the use of cell phone tracking devices for her podcast, WNYC's "Note To Self." Welcome back to the program, Manoush. MANOUSH ZOMORODI, BYLINE: Hi, Audie. Great to be here. CORNISH: So tell us more about …
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