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Tinitell straps a mobile phone on kids' wrists
The inclusion of GSM makes Tinitell one of the smallest standalone mobile phones ever made. Calls can be made using voice recognition, with children pressing and holding the main button while speaking the name of the person they want to call. Kids who …
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OnePlus unveils world's smallest drone, and no, it's not a joke
Best Cell Phones · Best TVs · Best Headphones · Best Cameras · Best Laptops · Best Desktop PCs · Best Tablets · Best Cars · RSS; DT Newsletter; Twitter · Facebook · Google+ · LinkedIn · Instagram · Pinterest · YouTube. Home > Cool Tech > OnePlus …
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Tiny terrier: Polish puppy may be world's smallest (VIDEO)
"She eats on her own now… but she's too small to bathe… She eats Gerber baby food on her own. You can tell by her round belly that she's got a good appetite." The petite puppy is barely bigger than Pohl's cellphone or lip-gloss. "I have to keep …
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Adilynn Renee, baby born the size of cell phone in Winston-Salem, dies
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A baby born the size of a cell phone in Winston-Salem has died after months of fighting against the odds. Adilynn Renee died Friday evening, according to her family. She was about five months old. She was born in June at Forsyth …

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