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HESPERIA: Cell phone signal leads to drug lab
An unidentified woman contacted deputies in Hesperia after her cell phone was stolen while she was at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park. She used the phone tracker feature to trace it to a residence in the 11000 block of Fourth Avenue in Hesperia …
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Santa Clara County drive to acquire cellphone tracker derailed
After officials pressed for more disclosure about top-secret cellphone tracking technology — including a call to publicly draft a policy regarding its use — Santa Clara County could not reach a contract agreement with its manufacturer and will not be …
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StingRay surveillance: Cellphone tracker has high potential for abuse, say
A sheriff's proposal in Santa Clara County is placing new scrutiny on a surveillance technology already in use around the Bay Area — a cellphone tracking system that may help in the war on crime but has the ability to infringe on innocent bystanders …
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Controversial secret phone tracker figured in dropped St. Louis case
Either way, the case has cast attention on use of “cell site simulators,” which can mimic a cell system tower, or screen data flowing through it, allowing a cellphone to be tracked to even a particular room. Local police using them have accepted FBI …

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