Tracfone LG 840g How to Install Java Applications

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  • mlford fowler says:

    You have given us the site so that we can get load / install Java applications. could have durrrrrrr everyone on this video. do not even need a data cable to do this, just take your SD card to the phone in an SD adapter and paste it on your PC.

  • Lynne Zimmermann says:

    I downloaded Opera Mini 7.1 for my computer, a cable attached and transferred it to my 840G, depending on the computer, the file will not show on my phone, but, except for my phone. I have not been able to install it. Does it have something to do with a Tracfone?

  • Christopher Begaii says:

    I just want on my LG840G Tracfone kik someone can help me.

  • Branni Mikal says:

    You can get lots of them

  • MrTjjmoto says:

    @ Saveonprepaidphones Which website do you have for Java applications on the computer and a mobile phone?

  • tom lan says:

    Can you MMS when this phone is roaming?

  • Walter Avila says:

    When using Opera Mini you waste a few minutes?

  • Boo BooLuv says:

    You just turn your wifi on and it automatically usually the WiFi instead of your minutes.

  • andrew serpente says:

    u get Instagram?

  • matt richards says:

    u can make a vid shg all Java applications

  • MsShellMel says:

    Thank you for this info! I’m trying to figure out how to create my own custom mp3 ringtone phone. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • gloria iaccarino says:

    What is Java application located on my computer?

  • April TracFone says:

    Hello Fmhoffman is April of TracFone Wireless. Set your phone into airplane mode. You can not make or receive calls, including emergency calls, or use other features that require cellular network coverage. WhatsApp is a free Java software application that you can download on the internet. You can search on Google for more, as we do not offer instructions away our source of information and expertise. If you have any questions, please send us an email@TF.CorpResolutionTeam

  • fmhoffman says:

    Who knows how 3g off when not in use, if data in a WiFi area? Also like WhatsApp download for this phone?

  • Don RioRanchoNM says:

    Down and Dirty Donnie here. Are there applications for this phone or is just a better phone around my ElCheapo Tracfone (which I loved for seven years? Screen is really nice, it would be great to destroy a “symbol” and pictures, news, dialing, etc. However, it would be better to cool “apps” with too! I realize that for the price, I can not expect too much, but play a few new things would play with this old man happy as a whore for a democratic congress!

  • jkbobful says:

    not ping / Textfree work on this phone

  • SeriyCalifornia says:

    This phone can play MP3 or Windows Media stream playing from the internet?

  • jbasketballgirl16 says:

    watch my video to see how to download apps directly from the internet to your phone!

  • d3rocks4u says:

    I think you can you can. Just go to the menu where you can delete the application and it should be able to get rid of tht come I’m not sure

  • Lisa Fowler says:

    Please tell me how it goes, please!

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