is there a free anonymous gps cell phone tracker/locator apps?

Question by AKJS: is there a free anonymous gps cell phone tracker/locator apps?
I am looking for a free anonymous cell phone locator. I don’t need any lectures about privacy please….I am just looking for an app that will show me someone’s location using their cell phone (I can download an app on it but do not want them to know I can see where they are. Some1 close to me has an alcohol problem & many times I have gone insane trying to locate them when they “disappeared” and I have spent too much time driving from bar to bar looking…sometimes they were actually just out and about and it would have saved me a lot of grief and time had I just been able to look at my phone and saw where they were. If there is such an app, how do I keep it anonymous & running? I feel this will also help me if they ever pass out somewhere unsafe. I know I cannot change them but it will help keep me sane if I at least can see where they are and that they are safe. We both have android phones.
As a matter of fact Daniel there are a ton of tracking apps. Several of my friends have them on their phones for their kids. They are just not “anonymous” if the person knows what to look for. So at 14….u don’t know about it because you have no children (u are a child youself) that u ever worried about. And I’m 45.

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Answer by webjnke1

or go to the play store and search Spy Tracker

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