The Best and Worst Phone Carriers

The Best and Worst Phone Carriers
When it comes to picking the best wireless carrier, the cost of cell phone plans and the quality of customer service are some of the other factors you should consider along with network performance. Overall … The Uncarrier distinguishes itself with …
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Here's How to Figure Out How Much Cellphone Data You Need
The best way to gauge your needs is to check your phone bills, which should tell you how much data you use each month. The average smartphone owner nowadays uses 2.9GB, reports NPD Group. But light users don't need much: Thirty percent of …
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Saving Money on Cell Phone Bills
Monica Mautner's family has four smartphones, and she does whatever she can to reduce her bill, which runs around $ 250 dollars a month. "I think it is ridiculous. I just find it an astronomical amount of money for a cell phone," said Monica. She took a …
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First experiences with Google's Project Fi cell phone service
For those who may not be aware, Project Fi is a cell phone service created and promoted by Google that is intended to offer cell phone voice and data service that seamlessly combines the networks of multiple carriers (currently Sprint and T-Mobile …
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