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Want Zuma's cell number? Here you go, says KZN group
They are printing out and distributing flyers with the cellphone numbers of top government officials – including, allegedly, the President's. Genius … There's one category of leader in South Africa, however, which looks set to be spared Injeje …
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Cellphone wars clouded by cost issues
In South Africa's saturated mobile market, the market's underdog, Cell C, has made a bold move to capture consumers by offering to buy them out of their existing contracts. … It does not take into account out-of-bundle rates or handsets. Although the …
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RUSH HOUR: The stories you need to know today
Telstra has apologised for an outage that left thousands of NSW mobile phone customers unable to send or receive calls. Telstra tweeted to customers at around 5.45am that it was “experiencing some issues with the ADSL network in NSW at the moment” and …

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