Is Most of Our DNA Garbage?

Is Most of Our DNA Garbage?
T. Ryan Gregory's lab at the University of Guelph in Ontario is a sort of genomic menagerie, stocked with creatures, living and dead, waiting to have their DNA laid bare. Scorpions lurk in their terrariums. Tarantulas doze under bowls. Flash-frozen …
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Venezuela slashes oil shipments to Cuba, Caribbean in half
These deliveries reached 400,000 bpd at their peak in 2012, though Venezuela only received payment for 200,000 bpd,” said the Barclays report, citing figures from Petrologistics, the firm that follows tanker movements. “In the last decade, the …

Google Wireless to Offer Free International Roaming
In the future, roaming fees may a thing of the past, if Google has anything to do with it. Word has it the Web giant is looking to create a global network that would allow Americans to use their phones internationally at no extra cost. This means you'd …
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Sheriff must air phone-tracking details
A state judge Tuesday ordered the Erie County Sheriff's Office to release information about its acquisition and use of cellphone-tracking devices to monitor users and their locations. State Supreme Court Justice Patrick H. NeMoyer issued the order in …
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