Russell Westbrook on the cover of NBA Live 16

Russell Westbrook on the cover of NBA Live 16
have you SEEN this? It's REALLY COOL RUSSELL WESTBROOK …is the COVER- BOY… for a BRAND NEW VIDEO GAME and his COMMERCIAL, is AWESOME Everyday when I get on the floor I give it my all. Because you never know what tomorrow holds.
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Abandoned by Wolves, Raised by Republicans
(Later she claimed it was only a joke; now I know where I got that excuse from.) "You wouldn't … While campaigning for some Republican candidate out west, he got the news from the traveling press corps that his wife, Stephanie, had gone into "labor …
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Gadget, gift ideas that won't break the bank
With Piper nv's 180-degree HD Camera, wireless accessories, and simple, intuitive mobile app, you see, hear and know exactly what's happening in your home or office, all thanks to a live video stream sent directly to your personal mobile device. Piper …
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